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Full Floor of the Pearline Soap Factory Listed for $6 Million

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In terms of layout, the third floor of Tribeca's Pearline Soap Factory is the same exact apartment as the one on the fifth floor that Justin Timberlake unloaded in 2011 for $4.7 million (after purchasing it for $4.77 million the previous year.) Both units are 3,000 square feet with 3 beds, 3 baths, and a 1,350-square-foot living room with seven large windows. From a decor standpoint, however, apartment #3 is more ambitious than Justin's ever was, and it comes fully furnished. Does that explain the significant price difference between the two places, as #3 was just listed for $5.995 million, or are there some pricechops in this one's future?

· Listing: 414 Washington Street #3RDFL [Elliman]
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Pearline Soap Factory

414 Washington Street, New York, NY