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$3.2 Million Murray Hill Pad Has Country Views from the Kitchen

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The listing for this $3.2 million, 2,543-square-foot, 4BR, 4BA combo in The Corinthian is actually sort of impressive—it's no easy feat to give a 49th floor apartment with windows instead of walls the feeling of a dark, gloomy cave, but these photos really pull it off. The wall-to-wall brown carpeting certainly lends a hand in that regard. On the plus side, if the owner ever tires of sweeping city views, he or she can just head into the surprisingly small-looking kitchen and stare at the wall that's painted like a path leading away from what we can only assume is a beautiful country estate. Which actually might a little dangerous—if you lived in this place, how many times per day do you think you'd end up trying to walk into that wall?
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