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28-Story Hotel/Apartment Combo To Rise on Stalled Remy Site

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When it comes to stalled construction sites, the lot at 101 West 28th Street on the corner of Sixth Avenue is a bit of a legend. Once upon a time, it was going to be home to the Remy, a slender, cantilevered 32-story condo tower, but that project never quite got off the ground, and the lot sat in stalled site purgatory for so long that the DOB ordered the foundation to be filled in.

Near the end of 2011, the site went into foreclosure, and now, finally, it seems like property may be reborn. New York YIMBY reports that new building permits have been filed, calling for a 28-story hotel/apartment building combo designed by architect Nobutaka Ashihara. No designs have been released, but DOB filings show that it will have 152 units and rise 296 feet. Construction photos and design deets are welcome on the tipline.
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Photo: Google streetview of the site in June 2011