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432 Park Ave. Construction Watch; Buckyball Extended

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MIDTOWN?It seems like everyone in the city has their eye on Manhattan's future tallest residential building, 432 Park Avenue. BHS broker Matthew Russell shared a photo (at right) he recently posted on his blog, noting that his office "has a postcard view" of the construction site. He geeked out a bit about watching workers pour the concrete: "The kid in me really loves that I get to watch as the tallest residential building in Manhattan gets built. I mean, look at that concrete pourer!!! It's like a giant red snake." [Welcome to Manhattan; previously]

FLATIRON?Fans of the glowing geodesic orb currently sitting in Madison Square Park will be pleased to know that it will remain there for two extra weeks. The art installation, called Buckyball, will be on view through February 15. The piece stands 30 feet tall and features 180 color-changing LED lights. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

432 Park Avenue

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