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Cornerspotted: Moe Levy & Co. On the Fulton Street Mall

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No one could name the store featured in this week's Cornerspotter, but Nick Angiolillo correctly guess that it was located on Brooklyn's Fulton Street. The store was Moe Levy & Co., a discount men's clothing store that opened its first outpost on Walker Street in Manhattan in 1896. Levy was a pioneer in discount clothing, and he had stores in Queens and the Bronx as well. The photo was taken in 1915, and it seems that the most helpful clue was the elevated train line, which was eventually torn down and replaced by the underground IND subway line. Today, the site of Brooklyn store, 380 Fulton Street, is now occupied by a Lane Bryant. Thanks for playing!
· Hint: A Men's Clothing Store on a Busy Retail Corridor [Curbed]
· Photo: Moe Levy & Co., 1915 [MCNY]