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Here's What's Still for Sale at One57 (With Floorplans)

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The highest-profile units at One57, like the more-than-$90 million penthouse, have already sold. But there's still a wide range of units available, according to the current availability sheet passed along by a tipster who now has our eternal gratitude. The cheapest place still available: a 2BR, 2.BA with southern and western exposures asking $8,900,000. At the other end of the spectrum is a full-floor unit, #81, a 4BR, 5.5BA pad seeking $54,000,000. As for whether these six listed units are all that's left in the building or more will be released in a later phase of sales, we're not sure. Anyone?

Floorplans for One57's apartments are normally only available to those who visit the building's swanky sales office, where said floorplans are projected on a giant screen in a mock living room. Just a taste of what life at the building will be like! But our tipster nabbed a few floorplans in a daring feat of floorplan-nabbing.

Here's one for a 3BR, half-floor apartment:

And here's one for that full-floor apartment on the 81st floor:

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