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A 66 Sq. Ft. Music Studio; Petition for Pier 6 Ferry Service

BROOKLYN?No one likes a noisy neighbor, so when Neil Shah's roommate told him that bringing a piano into his room would be a dealbreaker, Shah just soundproofed the room, obviously. In fact, he did way more than than, transforming the tiny 66-square-foot room into a professional recording studio. Check it out in the video above. [SpacesTV]

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?The East River Ferry is expanding its service and a bunch of Brooklyn officials think that means the ferry should expand to Pier 6 at Atlantic Avenue, too. Senator Squadron, eleven community groups, and a handful of other officials created a petition to bring year-round ferry service to the pier at the southern end of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Hundreds of residents have already signed it. [CurbedWire Inbox; official petition]