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What A $1.463 Million Property Looks Like Downtown

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"Average"-priced apartments are the middle children of the New York City real estate market?often overshadowed by high-end headliners on one side and more affordable but still appealing places on the other. Welcome to Taking the Average, a new Curbed feature in which we'll explore what's available in a particular neighborhood at the area's average price (as determined by market reports). Up today, downtown Manhattan.

StreetEasy lists the average downtown apartment price?with downtown defined as below 34th Street?in the fourth quarter as $1,463,375. There's nothing on the market for that exact price, but we found three listings in the general ballpark. Up first, 240 West 23rd Street, a duplex 2BR, 2BA in Chelsea seeking $1,469,000 after 104 days on the market. The 1,600-square-foot home has balconies on both levels, and an interior room is being used as a guest room (so this isn't quite a traditional 2BR?and that's probably rather average in itself).

A 2BR, 2BA at 75 Wall Street is seeking $1,465,000. It boasts high ceilings, storage, a washer/dryer, and optional hotel services. The 421g tax abatement expires in 2021; at the moment, monthly taxes are $50, and the common charges are another $1,575.

On the lower end of our range, asking $1,459,000, is this 3BR, 4BA duplex in Gramercy Park. The price seems suspiciously low for a 1,700-square-foot 3BR, and, yup, there it is: "With some TLC and your own flair this is a wonderful opportunity for the right buyer." Already in place: a large kitchen with built-in cabinets and room for two tables.
· Listing: 240 West 23rd Street, 3B4B [Core via StreetEasy]
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75 Wall Street

75 Wall Street, New York, NY