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Checking In On the High Line's Residential Boom

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Hudson Yards and Manhattan West are bringing lots of new development to the west side, but we can't forget about the residential projects spurred by the success of the High Line. New York YIMBY checked in on several of the under-construction buildings, bringing us this updated construction watch. Above, we have Related's tower at 500 West 30th Street, designed by Robert A.M. Stern. Currently, it stands about 10 stories tall, and it will grow another 20.

The 710-unit Avalon West Chelsea will eventually have two buildings, a 31-story tower and a 13-story glass box, but it's taken quite some time to even get above street level. NY YIMBY notes this may because of the site was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. The project is bound by 28th and 29th Street between the High Line and 11th Avenue. The official website says the "first apartment home deliveries" will be sometime this year and the whole shebang will be complete in 2014.

Adjacent to the Avalon, we have a High Line-straddling project that will have a hotel and a residential building. NY YIMBY calls this the "Gateway to Hudson Yards," but it is not related to the megaproject, High Line visitors will just pass through it to get to Hudson Yards. According to DOB filings, there will be a 25 story residential tower at 507-515 West 28th Street and a 13-story hotel. We're not sure what the name of this project is or what it will look like, so any additional intel is welcome to the tipline.

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500 West 30th Street

500 West 30th Street, New York, NY