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Big Reveal: $795,000 for a 1BR Co-op on the Upper West Side

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There were a lot of guesses for this week's Pricespotter, but no one got the asking price correct. This one-bedroom co-op is located at 105 West 73rd Street, and it's asking $795,000. Most guesses were below that, with the average coming in around $692,000. The closest guesses, $799K and $800K, were also the only ones to go above the asking price. Some commenters thought that the $1,329 maintenance cost was high, which influenced the lower asking price estimates. One person wondered if the building had laundry, which is does not. Nor does it have a doorman, so it seems like this place might have a visit from the PriceChopper in its future?or at least it should, according to Curbed commenters.

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