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Inside a Steven Harris Renovation of an Upper East Side Combo

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Architect Steven Harris has appeared often in these pages as the go-to architect for developer/Bond Street emperor Adam Gordon, but he has also, of course, had a hand in many other New York City projects. Architectural Digest profiles one, the combination of apartments on two floors of an Upper East Side building. The owners had purchased the apartments over time, creating a wacky hybrid space that was fine for pied-a-terre living but not well-suited to permanent residence. Enter Harris and interior designer Lucien Rees Roberts, who ended up with a glassy Richard Neutra-esque construction.

Harris decided to focus on the Central Park views, and decided to go with glass exterior walls, a glass railing on the terrace, and an open layout. In 2009, the owners added one more apartment to the combo, which made it easier to separate the master suite and the more public areas of the palatial pad.

Here's one more photo; click through for others:

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