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Brooklyn's Most Valuable Townhouse Returns for $7.95 Million

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Brooklyn's most valuable mansion?with "most valuable" meaning having the borough's highest tax assessment?is the townhouse at 40 Willow Place. It sold in August for $7.3 million after one contract fail, and we thought that was the end of the story. But that would be too simple for this property. The house appears to be on the market again, this time asking $7.95 million. Why? We don't know, but we've reached out to the broker for more information. In the meantime, anyone have intel?
The house has a fun?and unusually well-chronicled?renovation history. It was designed by Brooklyn Heights architects Mary and Joseph Merz to have an outdoor playground, formal entertaining space, guest room, garden, and other features; the whole project was published in a 1966 issue of Architectural Record. More recently, architect Gerry Smith consulted Mary and Joseph Merz on his own update to the house. Here's the current floorplan:

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40 Willow Place

40 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY