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'Sexy Rock & Roll Penthouse' Listed for $12.5 Million

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The 4,000-square-foot duplex penthouse in the Upper West Side's Ariel East will net its current owner, iPod and iPhone accessory inventor Jeff Grady, $6,390,050—a 105 percent return on investment—if it sells for its full $12,500,000 ask. But the flip attempt isn't as crazy as it might seem (and certainly isn't as crazy as the one from earlier today.) Grady, who paid $6.1 for this apartment in 2008, customized it significantly, changing the floorplan and updating it with a large kitchen, sliding doors, a video arcade, and a $500,000 Dale Chihuly chandelier, among other features. What's more, he's willing to part with his furniture if he can find a buyer that shares his taste for, for instance, chairs with Warhol portraits silkscreened onto their backs. Yup, this definitely sounds like a guy who made millions of dollars inventing iPod accessories. Grady explained to the Times that he is simply testing the market "because my broker told me inventory of this type is low," so don't expect much pricechopping from this one.

· Listing: 2628 Broadway #PH [Halstead]
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Ariel East

2628 Broadway, New York, NY