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City's Sparkliest Penthouse Now 35 Percent Cheaper

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We first took a look at this many-chandeliered Brighton Beach penthouse when it was listed for $4,599,000 back in July. Now, five months later, having finally recovered from our temporary blindness, we decided that it was time to risk a second look and found that, lo and behold, the 5BR, 5.5BA apartment has had over a third of its asking price hacked off and is now down to $2,999,000. The owners are seeming increasingly desperate—rather than a slow and gradual pricechopping, the penthouse's reduced ask is a result of a sudden $1.2 million drop in October and another $400,000 reduction a couple weeks ago. (Also the brokerbabble now begins: "Owner must sell!") Perhaps 2013 will be kinder to the sparkly pad, which does have some positive attributes. For instance, as a commenter suggested last time, it could easily double as a reception hall for all your friends' and family's weddings. One thing is for sure, though: looking at this place, you really—ah, crap, we just went blind again.

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