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143 Ludlow Nightmare Continues with Illegal Rooftop Addition

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143 Ludlow, which you might remember as the Lower East Side building that is basically being demolished while people are still living in it, has barely been slowed down by the 120 complaints filed so far with the Department of Buildings, which range from "Unlicensed Electrical Work" to "Work Contrary to Stop Work Order" to "Building Shaking/Vibrating." Nor does it seem to be even the slightest bit concerned that Boogie Bowery has been diligently covering its every transgression—the improper removal of asbestos, the dislodging of a gas pipe, the collapsing bathroom ceiling, the general structural instability, etc. etc. In fact, so unconcerned is developer Samy Mahfar that he decided to just throw a rooftop addition on top of the building in November, with no permit, of course. Construction on the addition has continued unabated despite the DOB finally issuing a partial stop work order last week due to the "vertically enlarged parapet." You can't tell 143 Ludlow what to do! You're not its mom!!! This should end really well.
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Photo via Bowery Boogie