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Barclays Center Facade Partially Constructed With Weak Bolts

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Here's another group to add to the haters of the Barclays Center's faux-rusted facade: the Department of Buildings. Why? Apparently, thousands of the bolts used to hold together the 12,000 unique panels were a weaker type of bolt than should have been used, and they need to be replaced. But Forest City Ratner wasn't forthright about the problem with the DOB, who seemed none too pleased when the Times asked a rep about the bolts. However, the issue was noted in a nine-page letter that Forest City sent to the department on Sept. 14?the same day the DOB issued Barclays its certificate of occupancy.

The wrong bolts were discovered a month before the arena opened, and engineers inspected every single joint to determine where they were used. About 8 percent of the bolts needed to be replaced, and iron workers finished doing just that last month. The problem began back in December 2011, when the panel fabricator closed its doors, and another company had to take over. Forest City has played down the problem, saying such issues are common in large construction projects. And since all of the bolts have been replaced, there's no need to worry about a panel falling off and smashing you under the oculus.
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