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Comment of the Day

"The various articles covering the story suggest that the town of Englewood Cliffs had regulations in place barring this sort of thing from happening...except the town officials recently made revisions to those regulations to make them extremely complex in a way that allows LG, and only LG (for all practical purposes), to do exactly what they petitioned the officials to do. There's a lot of municipal tax money on the line here. If LG bullies the town into accepting their plan, they'll gain tax revenues from LG and its larger campus (at the expense of other municipalities; they'll be pulling employees from other towns) and they'll probably get to cut taxes for residents while cutting taxes on LG too. If they decline to accept the plan, LG will move entirely off of its current campus without building anything new, and the town will lose a big taxpayer in the process... some other town will get the campus as envisioned."?BrianVan [Oops, There Goes My View]