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Post-Sandy, New Yorkers Suggest Practical Disaster Solutions

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, government officials and climate change experts have been constantly discussing how to rebuild and better protect New York City. Most of these reports or panels center around big picture, all-encompassing changes that require new laws or major urban planning changes that will take years to implement, but the Atlantic Cities points to a report from the nonprofit ioby shows more specific suggestions that require much less bureaucracy.

The solutions came directly from 380 New Yorkers, who ioby polled immediately after the storm. Big ideas like upgrading all building infrastructure, burying power lines, and creating more tidal power plants were obviously included, but the bulk of the proposals are cheaper, more practical, and easier to implement.

Here are a few specific examples:

· Build more urban gardens to provide food and increase support for gardens in poorer neighborhoods like East New York
· Secure out/indoor pulley systems to deliver food, water and medicine to residents living in the top floors of tall buildings in lower Manhattan
· Install rainwater harvest systems in Red Hook
· Restore wetlands and marshes in coastal neighborhoods
· Centralize information sharing between relief efforts and create permanent storm shelters for high-risk areas

· Establish bike brigades that can deliver supplies to areas where roads have been washed out during and after an emergencyMany of the ideas don't only apply to emergency situations, but would permanently better connect communities. "There was a clear sense that resilience during an emergency is closely intertwined with the longer-term strength of communities," says the report. "That what is good during an emergency is also good for everyday life." You can access the full report, with all of the suggestions broken down by location, here.
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