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Historic Loew's Theater Renovation; 55 Hope Street Update

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FLATBUSH?Mayor Bloomberg and company broke ground on the restoration of the historic Loew's Kings Theatre today. The $94 million renovation will restore the 3,200-seat theater's original French Renaissance design features—high, curved ceilings, ornate plaster walls, wood paneling, pink marble, a glazed terra-cotta ornamental façade—which were heavily influenced by the Palace of Versailles and Paris Opera House. When complete in 2014, the restored theater will host 200 to 250 performances a year. The historic structure is located at 1027 Flatbush Avenue, and it originally opened in 1929. It's sat vacant since 1977. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

WILLIAMSBURG?Life is less than perfect at the new 55 Hope Street rental building in Williamsburg. Move-ins finally happened, but one unhappy tenant sends the following report:

Still lots of construction in it. Gym still isn't open. Lots of noise during the day. There's some kind of "Virtual doorman" I've been assured exists but I've never interacted with it. The hot water takes about 20 - 30 min min to come in. Paper thin walls, I can hear the construction team talking on their cellphones through the walls. For some reason most of the bulbs in the units don't work. One turns on and off during the day. The heaters sound like jet engines, that's a super common complaint among the other residents I've spoken to. There have been leaking plumbing issues, not in my unit though. It's all totally half assed, in short. I really wish I bailed when the opening kept getting delayed.[CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

55 Hope Street

55 Hope Street, New York, NY 11211