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Meet the Five Finalists in NYC's Micro-Apartment Competition

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Mayor Bloomberg announced the results of the city's adAPT NYC competition yesterday, and a team made up of Monadnock Development LLC, Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation, and nARCHITECTS will be designing a building of 55 micro apartments (of 250 to 370 square feet) at 335 East 27th Street. The lucky winning team was just one of 33 entries (an HPD record) to the competition. The Museum of the City of New York is displaying some of the runners-up in a new exhibition on small living, and we got our hands on renderings. Here are five submissions that made it to the finals.

The above proposal is a joint effort by London's Pocket Living and NYC-based BFC Partners. Pocket has experience on its side: the developer has already finished five projects with "compact" one-bedrooms in London. The partnership turned to Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Alexander Gorlin Architects for its competition design and proposed a 10-story building with 75 micro apartments.

This 80-unit proposal, Tandem, comes from Hamlin Ventures LLC, Forsyth Street Advisors LLC, Rogers Marvel Architects, and Future Expansion Architects. The team offered a couple of pie charts to show the superiority of its design to the traditional 80/20 building: Tandem has about 32 percent amenity space, compared to 12 percent in a conventional 80/20 project. The units would range in size from 265 to 300 square feet, and the amenities would include laundry, bicycle storage, professional meeting spaces, a music practice room and art studio, a dining room, double-height lounge with screening room, roof garden, and yoga studio.

The Durst Organization/Dattner Architects proposal, Studio House, calls for 60 units averaging 303 square feet. The building would include a rooftop terrace and lounge, storage, a gym, and co-working space. The proposal suggests a few options in terms of sleeping/living space layout.

Max, a proposal we mentioned yesterday, comes from Blesso Properties & Bronx Pro Group LLC, HWKN, and James McCullar Architects. Like many of the other teams, the creators of Max stressed the importance of community through amenities and shared spaces?7,500 square feet of them, in fact, including a double-height space with communal kitchen, climbing wall, gym, deck, library, vegetable garden, and more at the top of the building. Another 6,000 square feet in the basement and on the ground floor would go to a non-profit partnership for retail and community use. This team definitely wins the award for best scalies.

The final finalist, CO: Compact, Connected, Complete, calls for 60 units of about 303 square feet each. Jonathan Rose Companies, Curtis + Ginsberg, Grimshaw, Scape, and Life Edited. That last partner is the same group behind the 420-square-foot apartment on Sullivan Street that folds and unfolds into 1,100 square feet worth of rooms. The CO design has a similar aesthetic, and the proposal includes three options for configurations of rented and tenant-supplied furniture. Each unit would have a balcony and 10-foot ceilings, and like many of these other proposals, the building would include lots of community space. One fun feature not included in other proposals: a product lending library, where residents would be able to borrow cookware, for example, instead of needing to store it in their micro units.

So, if you were doing the voting, which proposal would you choose? Tell us here:

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