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Heights Residents Threaten Lawsuit Over Coffee Odors

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It's been a while since word of Union Square's IHOP Baconator surfaced, and now it seems that the food-scent controversies, like so many other food-related things before them, have migrated to Brooklyn. Brooklyn's version of IHOP is the trendy Iris Cafe, which engages in such illicit activities as brewing coffee and cooking food, much to the chagrin of its upstairs neighbors. "It's been horrible," said Ida Cigara, one neighbor who doesn't seem to mind having her name published in connection with this story. She continued, "When I was pregnant last year, I was puking every day from the smell." Because you know what they say about smells: if they're strong enough to make a pregnant woman puke, they must be really strong and someone should probably get sued. Cigara and her husband have tired of calling 311 and are, in fact, considering a lawsuit (or at least telling the Post they are). For what it's worth, the cafe's owner also does not emerge from this controversy smelling like roses (or delicious coffee). His take on the whole thing: "I want to be a good neighbor...but if I install a ventilation system, then other people in the building might complain it's too noisy." Yes, how very considerate. As the Observer points out, this is not even Brooklyn's first coffee-smell scandal. Maybe all the complainers should move next to the Gowanus and rid themselves of the unbearable coffee stench once and for all.
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