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1 West Residents File Class-Action Suit Over Storm Response

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The residents of 1 West Street, one of the Zone A buildings damaged during Hurricane Sandy, first took their concerns about building management in the storm's aftermath to a community board subcommittee. Now, they've decided to formalize those complaints with a class-action lawsuit against the building owners and management. The suit alleges that the building "failed to take necessary precautions" in several areas: the doors and windows and the parking garage entrance. The defendants allegedly also failed to secure the boiler and oil tank properly after a delivery of heating oil a few days earlier, and the oil-water mixture that entered the building damaged its systems and led to the DOB's designation of the building as unsafe after the storm. The suit also takes management to task for the information it provided after the storm about repairs and re-occupancy of 1 West. The suit follows similar legal action at 2 Gold and 88 Greenwich, so we'll see whether things play out differently at each building.

Here's the actual lawsuit:

Sandy Lawsuit From 1 West by

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1 West Street

1 West Street, New York, NY 10006