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Latest Seminary-to-Condos Project Makes Its Debut in Chelsea

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The official sales launch will happen shortly at 455 West 20th Street, the Brodsky Organization's conversion/new construction combo on a site sold off by the General Theological Seminary. But no one-day sellout gimmick will be needed here?11 of the 22 units are already in contract, according to the Journal. Prices on what's left, according to the official availability list, range from $2,260,000 for a 1BR, 1.5BA to $6,500,000 for a 3BR, 3BA.

Buyers have two choices: conversion or new construction, with the two structures connected by a glass lobby. The conversion is the Brodsky remake of the seminary's West Building, originally built from Manhattan bedrock 176 years ago and named in a pair with a now-demolished East Building, into eight apartments. Some of the original details were restored by Beyer Blinder Belle, and four of the apartments have private gardens. The new construction comes in the form of a 14-unit building on the seminary's former tennis court.

Here's a bunch of floorplans for the still-available units:

And here's the full price range:

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General Theological Seminary

440 West 21st St., New York, NY 10011

455 W 20th Street

455 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011