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Visualizing Sandy's Destruction to NYC's Public Transportation

Hurricane Sandy had her way with New York City's public transportation system. Tunnels were flooded, tracks were washed out, and millions of New Yorkers had no way to get from here to there. Things were back up and running in record time, but the Atlantic Cities points to some new visualizations that show highlight just how drastically the storm altered New York's transportation. OpenTripPlanner create the before-and-after images, shown above. The "before" shows the city's normal transit, with the yellow areas being the most easily accessible, while the "after" shows the system post-storm.

Yellow identifies an area where 7.5 million people can reach in less than an hour by public transit or walking. The red locations are within an hour of 6 million people, blue areas are within 4 million, and gray areas are within two million. The storm made the most accessible areas become the least accessible. For a deeper look at what this data means for urban planners, click through to the Atlantic Cities.
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