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Interior Designer's UES Townhouse Now 30 Percent Cheaper

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Interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield was seeing dollar signs when he listed his 116 East 61st Street townhouse for $18 million in early November. Or perhaps he was blinded by them. The townhouse has all kinds of international, fancy-sounding components, like French limestone floors, Venetian plaster walls, French doors, and Carrera marble bathrooms, but none of those things have brought in the wished-for $18 million. Instead the price has now been chopped by 30.58 percent, to $12.495 million. The PriceChopper Hall of Fame is hungering for new members in this era of market improvement?perhaps Bradfield's townhouse can become one of them.
Bradfield stands to earn a hefty profit even with a chopped sale price. He paid just $4,150 for the townhouse in 2004, after a rezoning made the prior owner's redevelopment plans for the block impossible.

Here's the current floorplan:

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