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Penthouses At 250 Bowery Pricechopped By Up To 13%

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When the condos of 250 Bowery hit the market at the beginning of December, there was a lot of speculation among commenters that a) most of the units were already signed and b) they were priced too high. Turns out, both are partially true. StreetEasy shows that 16 of the 24 units are in contract, and of the eight active listings, four have met the PriceChopper. And those four units would be all four penthouses. The most expensive, PHD, dropped 13 percent to $5,995,000; the second most expensive, the two-bedroom PHA, decrease 8 percent to $5,750,000, and the two least expensive, PHB and PHC, both dropped 11 percent. The floorplans for all four are above.
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250 Bowery

250 Bowery, New York, NY 10012