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Moving to Bushwick: It's Not Just for Kids Anymore

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1) This week's hunters, Kirk and Christine, are adults. They have real adult jobs (hotel manager, costume designer), live in a real—okay, debatably—adult neighborhood (the East Village), and want to buy a condo in the low $500,000s, which is something that only adults would try to do. The problem: they want a two-bedroom with outdoor space, central air, a fireplace, parking, a dishwasher, and a washer/dryer, and if you want all those things in a nice adult area, you usually need to spend a good deal more than $500k. They start in Park Slope, but find the apartments too small, then try Bed-Stuy, but decide that the house they're looking at needs too much work. Finally they turn to the one neighborhood that can make all their dreams come true: Bushwick. They buy a 1,100-square-foot garden-level apartment in The Knick on Knickerbocker Avenue, and seem happy. "We had no idea how cool Bushwick was," says Christine. Just you wait. [The Hunt/'Because Poetic Surroundings Have Their Limits'; photo by jphillipobrien2006]

2) Consider the plight of the residential real estate brokers whose parents own their firms. It may sound like they've all got it made, but trust them, they don't. "You can't make any mistakes," says S. Christopher Halstead. (If you do make any mistakes, it could lead to being grounded, reduced videogame time, or even no dessert.) Yup, it can be real tough out there. Take, for instance, Michael S. Lorber, whose father, Elliman co-owner Howard Lorber, almost didn't let him appear on a reality show (until he was reminded that he himself appeared on "The Apprentice" as a favor to Donald Trump.) So...just think about that. ['Being Related to the Family Firm']