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Comment of the Day

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"The comment he made about finding a safe harbor for their wealth was probably the most important insight to come out of this interview. That's what motivated me to buy the very expensive place I bought a few years back - to find a safe haven for my cash. At that time, banks were failing or were being merged every other day it seemed. Bear Sterns, Lehman and other financial houses were going under, and everything seemed to be on the verge of collapse. So I went from investing in the markets to brick and mortar. If all failed, I thought, at least I'd have a really nice apt, in a very good building, and in a very good part of town. That decision was the best thing I could have done then, and my purchase gives me great pleasure even as of today. The fact that my apt has appreciated during that time is just an added benefit."?anon [Confessions of a New York City Real Estate High-Roller]