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Demo Permits Filed for 50 Bowery, Is Peter Poon's Hotel Next?

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It's been nearly a year since we heard anything about 50-52 Bowery, the property at the corner of canal in Chinatown where a 20-something-story hotel and condo tower was planned by Peter Poon. But now it seems that the project, or some variation of it, is moving forward. Bowery Boogie reports that demolition permits have been filed for a full demolition of the three-story structure. The previous tenants?Duane Reade, South China Garden, and Danny Ng's?all vacated the property within the last few months.

As for what will rise in its place that's still up in the air. A new building application was filed back in November for a 22-story building with 160 units, but the DOB lists the application as "disapproved." The architect on the application is still Peter Poon and the developer is still Chu and Partners. The original plans, revealed way back in 2009, called for 27 stories with 99 hotel rooms and 63 apartments, so the neighbors will be happy that at least the proposed building has gotten smaller.
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50 Bowery

50 Bowery, New York, NY