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Is This Proposed Pier 17 Signage a 'Blight' on the Seaport?

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Developer Howard Hughes Corporation recently present its design for Pier 17's signage to the City Planning Commission?to, er, a less than ecstatic response. The commission's chair, Amanda Burden, said her "feeling is we will have blighted?it's a strong word, but I feel it?the Lower Manhattan waterfront environment forever" if the signage is allowed to go ahead. Other commissioners seemed no more inclined to support the design, on which City Planning will take its vote next month, the Tribeca Trib explains. While it's true that the Pepsi and Domino signs have their own special place in the urban design canon, "this is not an iconic sign," said commissioner Maria Del Toro. "So let's not put it in the same category." Oof. How's that feel, Howard Hughes?
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