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English Rock Star Lists Renovated Bond Street Condo for $8M

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It's hard for a listing to compete on Bond Street these days amid the new construction and conversions. But this latest listing, for a third-floor loft at 1 Bond Street, definitely competes. Two factors that help: the place has received a thorough renovation, and it's the property of a rock star. That rock star, English musician Mike Rutherford, paid $5.03 million for the apartment in 2008. Considering what it looked like then, the current asking price of $7.995 million doesn't sound so bad.
Rutherford brought in nemaworkshop to combine two apartments into one "which was luxurious in materials yet informal in layout?infused with an atmosphere of effortless cool." The current staging doesn't exactly look effortless, but the renovation is certainly an improvement. Here's what the place looked like before the redo:

Here's the current floorplan:

And unfurnished:

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1 Bond Street

1 Bond Street, New York, NY 10002