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Comment of the Day

"There are so many better apartments available for equal or less money in buildings that have an even higher average price-per-square foot than the Plaza. For example, Unit #65B, a 1,830 square-foot, 2 bedroom/2.5 bathroom unit at the Time Warner Center was listed for $7.95 Million and offers much better views. Unit #26D, a corner 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom unit at Trump International offers East, West and South exposures including Central Park from much higher up. Not to mention One Beacon Court offers similar size units with better views for less money. This appears to be nothing more than a millionaire CEO's hurried attempt to keep up with Manhattan's high-end real-estate boom without doing the necessary homework and getting ripped off in the process."?anon [The 10 People Who Bought the Most Property in 2012]