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John Lennon's Nutopian Embassy Returns to Market for $4.25M

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The townhouse at 1 White Street is best known as the Nutopian Embassy?the address given by John Lennon and Yoko Ono when they applied to the UN for diplomatic immunity as ambassadors of the "conceptual country" of Nutopia. Ever since 1973, the home's owners have gotten mail addressed to Yoko Ono. Or at least they did?the days, the house probably isn't getting much mail at all. A new listing for the property reveals that it has been completely gutted since it last sold for $3.25 million in 2010. This time around, the bare-bones property is hoping for $4.25 million. Perhaps from a Lennon fan?

The four-story building has a residential space and a restaurant/commercial space on the first two floors (formerly home to popular lunch spot Columbine). Now, according to the listing, the basement is usable, too. The building hasn't always had good luck with sales?the prior owners listed the place for $4.995 million and $3.999 million before making that 2010 sale. But the interior is, well, a little more vanilla this time.
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1 White Street

1 White Street, New York, NY