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Another Flip Attempt Takes Off at Perry Street Spaceship

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Apartment #1B at West Village Asymptote-designed spaceship 166 Perry Street sold for only $1.756 million in 2010, after asking $2.65 million for its 2,526 square feet. That poor showing (and similar poor showings from other building flippers) hasn't deterred #1B's current owner, who is now seeking $3.995 million in a flip. It looks like the seller did some renovation on the apartment, a 1BR, 2.5BA with a recreation/room home office on its 800-square-foot lower level, since the 2010 listing makes the place seem like more of a blank slate.

The current listing has no floorplan, but here's the one from the June 2010 listing:

· Listing: 166 Perry Street [Miron via StreetEasy]
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166 Perry Street

166 Perry Street, New York, NY