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Architects Get Creative With Drawings for Grand Central

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There's less than a month until the official centennial of Grand Central Terminal?the station opened on February 2, 1913?and as part of the festivities, the Architectural League of New York and the New York Transit Museum hosted a competition for architect and designer sketches of the station. Archinect has a slideshow of the winners, which were unveiled late last month and will be published in a Moleskine Grand Central-themed sketchbook. The winning architects submitted a mix of futuristic visions of Grand Central and alternate ways of looking at the current design. Above and below, a few of our favorites.

The Architectural League website has some commentary from the judges, including this rave for the above design by Sarah Mark: "The station, in spite of its banal Beaux Arts architecture is extraordinary because of its circulation. So I must confess I was looking for vindication, for a sense in the drawings submitted that others had found the circulation to be a dominant factor as well. And I found it in Sarah Mark's beautiful drawing reminiscent of a medical illustration marking the pattern of arteries and veins in the human body."

Then there's this concept from Tyler Survant, Leticia Wouk Almino, and Kyle Stover, which suggests a future in which the station has been buried under an artificial wilderness and the former tunnels are home to robots:

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