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Real Estate Search Site Wants to Help the Casual Shopper

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Real estate search site LivingThere debuted last year, joining a few other sites trying to compete with listings juggernaut StreetEasy. The goal of LivingThere?by Nate Friedman of and the Observer Media Group?is to put a more user-friendly face on some of the standard listing search options, and the site has just relaunched with a new look and separate layouts for casual and serious users.

For the casual real estate hunter, the site took a Pinterest-like approach to design, heavy on the visuals and low on the listing details and brokerbabble. Buyers more aware of what they're looking for can see more details. There's also a map view for the neighborhood-focused. The whole thing is fun and soothing on the eyes, though we imagine buyers who've gotten accustomed to other sites might still default there.
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