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Thinking About NYC's Future Micro Apartments in Free Verse

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New York City recently unveiled the micro apartments of the future, designed as module pods ranging from 250 to 370-square-feet in size. The experiment in small living is meant to cater to the 33 percent of single New Yorkers that live alone. Some have called it innovative, other say it's the "dormification" of the city. What does New York's most poetic archicritic think about the building? Here now, another installment of Rhyme Time With James Russell to answer that very question:

Provocative ways the city can adapt
to changing demographics and behavior,
These are not places for pack rats.

The humble Murphy bed,
once a floozy's fallback,
stages a high-style reappearance.
A nicely finished wall panel
conceals a bed that pivots.
Suave Italian built-ins.

55 units
of brick-faced prefabricated steel modules
A tiny living/sleeping zone,
a Juliet balcony,
a terrace on the cheap.

Shared areas grow as private space shrinks.
A skylit fitness room,
a sociable lobby parlor,
Little communal dens,
an eighth floor party room.
An essential antidote to claustrophobia
in a pod building.

I fear micro-apartments
could become grim, overpriced boxes
Crammed into dim blocks.
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