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Whale Pieds-a-Terre: the Priciest of One-Bedroom Apartments

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Huge townhouses and Park Avenue spreads are one thing, but it takes a certain type of free spender to drop upwards of $5 million on a one-bedroom apartment. And what is whale week for if not to profile such free spenders? Tech mogul Gideon I. Gartner downsized earlier this year by paying $9.15 million for a 3,000-square-foot 1BR (above) on the 77th floor of West 57th Street's Metropolitan Tower Condominium. His old place, a 4BR penthouse in The Park Millenium, ended up going for $20.75 million after it was originally listed for $34.5 million. Something tells us he's not really sweating it, though.

? The Plaza has no shortage of multi-million dollar 1BRs. This one is currently listed for $6.2 million, but even if it gets its entire ask, that will likely be little consolation for whoever it was that paid $6.75 million, or $5,630/square foot, for the 1,199-square-foot apartment in 2008.

? Winning the richest divorce settlement in the history of the United States is a pretty good formula for becoming a whale, and Maya Polsky has not disappointed. In 2010, she paid an even $6 million for a 1BR, 1.5BR in 5 East 75th Street. It has four fireplaces.

? So, say you've got a 4,454-square-foot apartment with only one bedroom. What do you even do with the rest of that space? The fifth floor of Tribeca's D'Arte House has room for a study, two storage rooms, two dressing rooms, three bathrooms, a mechanical room, a laundry room, a huge kitchen, a huger living room, and a terrace. The place was last listed for $5.5 million and is currently in contract. Whoever's buying it must really hate having guests.

? Of course 15 Central Park West was going to find a way onto this list somehow. A 1,036-square-foot 1BR ("the perfect pied-a-terre") in the priciest of all buildings will run you $5.1 million, which comes out to $4,922/square foot.

? Billionaire Nat Rothschild had an entire 5BR West Village townhouse converted into a 1BR vertical loft. The man didn't even want a kitchen—his designer needed to convince him that the house had to have one, and even then was only allowed to put it in the basement. And that is how it's done.
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