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Big Reveal: $9.75M for a Whale-Worthy Park Avenue Co-op

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No one guessed the correct price for this week's whale-worthy pricespotter, but then again, not too many people guess at all. The 3BR/4.5BA co-op is located at 895 Park Avenue on the corner of East 79th Street. There were some quibbles with the floor plan, and one commenter noted that the library is currently marked as a bedroom but "no self-respecting whale would use a library as a bedroom." The unit was previously listed with the Kleiers for $13 million last February, but it came off the market in December at the lower price of $10,995,000. It returned on Tuesday at an even lower ask of $9.75 million. The closest guess was $8.5 million. Will the seller get the full asking price?

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