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What If the Guggenheim Museum were 13 Stories Taller?

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Fear not, Upper East Siders?no one is actually planning to make the Guggenheim Museum 13-stories taller. But what if they were? That's the question Oiio Architecture Office poses as a thought experiment about landmarking, spotted by Architizer. Even if Frank Lloyd Wright himself wanted to alter something about the building, he would not be allowed to do so. If the building height were increased, the Oiio architects/UES heart attack-inducers would want the new floors to look something like this:

Its famous ramps would continue their ascent "completing" the atrium under the glass roof. The vertical "completion" of Guggenheim would lead to the formation of an internal cone at the peak of which the circular ramp would become a homogeneous level, the last floor of the museum. The glass roof becomes a light source, diffusing its rays towards the interior. · Imagine One of New York's Most Famous Buildings, 13 Stories Higher [Architizer via The Atlantic Cities]
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