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10 Google-Translated Sentences from Mikhail Prokhorov's Blog

Russian billionaire and Nets investor Mikhail Prokhorov has a blog (he raps, too!). He used it to announce his investment in the Nets and the Barclays Center. Mostly, though, he uses his Livejournal platform to talk about politics and Russia?and we know this because we ran a bunch of Prokhorov's blog entries through Google's translator. Here now, 10 of our favorite poorly-translated sentences, excerpts, and anecdotes from Prokhorov:

10) "I'm glad you looked in my journal. And I will be doubly happy if you leave your comment here. I am for the freedom of speech."

9) "First, not being afraid to seem immodest, I want to congratulate all of us on his victory in the presidential election. Third place and a minimum of 8 percent of the vote - this is a victory, it is our common victory."

8) "Since this is my personal blog, talk about the past here long Party Congress will not. I note only that all of us, the founders of "Civic Platform", its members, supporters, and simply people with a strong citizenship once again realized that they got into a fight in vain and do not intend to turn off."

7) "Russia will receive an equal place in the elite world of basketball."

6) "12 years in Russia is building the power vertical. In the hands of non-professionals this vertical - as banal scrap. This scrap them with tenacity maniacs penetrate the ice on which we all stand."

5) "I write these lines, and can already see the ironic smile on the faces of blog readers."

4) "'The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and small - like prostitutes.' Aphorism remarkable director Stanley Kubrick quite apply not only to states but also to the people. Especially the politicians."

3) "'ll start with basketball - went to the first game and the Nets got a new interesting experience that is called from within. The main conclusion - NBA - this is a very cool machine, in which no detail, everything runs like clockwork and very professional, and the car left on our basketball very far - now working on what items you can try to implement in our student basketball Wednesday."

2) "At this time there were ever big waves up to 5 meters, so that it was possible to do a full-ride surf on jet. Unfortunately the best moments of skiing "profits" of rain, but still something on film and see the pics. Feelings were very sharp, especially when you get to the crest and you twists 15-20 seconds. Actually, it was sometimes very scary. But still there were no injuries, and pleasant physical fatigue of training camps is only a plus."

1) "I want to submit it to your attention even given the fact that it puts an end to a strange myth that I loved to sing and sing well. All of the other way around! I have a rare divine gift - I do not like and can not sing! And here's living proof!

On the second time I "deliberately" sang in the school in seventh grade in class singing (vocals discos, of course, the credit does not go), and the last on the fortieth anniversary of Vladimir Potanin, and is connected with this funny story. Vladimir loves karaoke and, of course, and I kept trying to draw in this creative process. I have always fought back and stoically chose to retire intelligently (listen to the voice of melody, when a group of friends sincerely and earnestly sings, not getting into the music, enjoy below average).

On the anniversary decided to make a cool gift - a remake of the famous words of the song and not only sing, but also play the piano and guitar (in practice, however, turned a trick feat!) What came out of it - you can see and hear for yourself in one verse of the song an oligarchy. The shock was so great, and the guests, apparently, so long wondered what was the "native" song, but the fact remains - no one and never seen one on the karaoke I did not. A favorite discussion began talking about the financial losses of as I spent dozens of hours in rehearsal. I think that in a "commercial" terms expensive gifts I did not!

That's the story. All I wish to make your hobby does not bring pain to those around you."

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