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Space for a Piano; Buildings Offering Shuttle Bus as Amenity

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1) This week's Hunter, a writer of musical theatre, needs a place that's soundproof and can fit all his musical equipment. His price point, $800,000, later lowered to $500,000, proves difficult, however. The Musicians Building on West 67th Street is too expensive. Another place on the Upper West Side is too small. A Greenwich Village pad has a too-small sleeping loft and a layout not conducive to pianos. Long Island City is not Manhattan. He begins, as was his destiny, to look further and further uptown. Eventually he settles on a large 1BR in Morningside Heights for under $500,000. Although it's farther north than he originally wanted, he doesn't mind walking and is now able to "bandy the square-footage figure about with pride and joy." [The Hunt/'A Move With Music in Mind']

2) New amenity alert: as luxury developments spread further north, some buildings, such as Hampton Court on 102nd Street, are offering a shuttle service to the nearest subway station. And, while it began as a safety measure to ensure that residents would not be subjected to the dangers of walking through the neighborhood they had, uh, decided to move into, now many of the residents claim to appreciate the service simply for its convenience. It really is much more convenient to fear your neighbors from the safety of a bus. ['An Amenity That's Going Places']