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Most of Lincoln Square's Medieval Co-op Available for Rent

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This 21st-floor unit in Lincoln Square's The Harmony is worth revisiting for the new listing photos alone, but more than just the pictures have changed at the unit formerly known as #21BCDEF (now just #21CDE.) Don't worry—it still looks like it could serve as Cardinal Richelieu's secret lair (although a decidedly out of place media room is now on display) but it's also a million dollars cheaper, down to $3,955,000, and missing a bedroom and two bathrooms. That partially takes care of the problem of the maintenances fees, down to $6,449/month from over $10k. Lovers of "French Gothic Revival Architecture" can also avoid the maintenance altogether by renting the place for $25,000/month.

· Listing: 61 West 62nd Street #21CDE [Nestseekers]
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The Harmony

61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY