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Classic Six with Key to Gramercy Park Listed for $2.35 Million

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This classic six in 60 Gramercy Park North, a 1928 Emory Roth-designed building, isn't clinging too hard to the past—it did turn the maid's room into an office. But neither has it made any significant changes that really take away from its prewar charm. In addition, it comes with a key to New York City's most exclusive outdoor area, Gramercy Park, (or, rather, the option to pay a few hundred dollars for a key that gets changed every few months by the park's paranoid and obsessive gatekeepers) and that alone is almost worth the $2,350,000 price tag.

· Listing: 60 Gramercy Park North #2B [Corcoran]

60 Gramercy Park North

60 Gramercy Park N, New York, NY 10010