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An Updated Look at City Point, Without the 65-Story Tower

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Brownstoner spotted some new City Point renderings floating around, and they are more representative of what we will actually see at the site. Why? They leave out the 65-story tower that was deemed "really totally imaginary." Phase one of City Point?the shorter structure prominent in most older renderings— is complete, and construction on phase two is moving steadily forward. Phase two's 19- and 30-story residential towers are clearly shown in the new rendering, as well as the additional 660,000-square-feet of street-level retail space. The Cook+Fox website notes that although the towers are connected, they are are being designed as separate structures.

Cook+Fox wraps up their description of the project with this interesting tidbit:

The project also conceptually draws from the Native American companion planting practice known as the 'Three Sisters' garden, in which corn, beans and squash are inter-planted to strengthen agricultural biodiversity and ensure a more sustainable harvest. In this way, the diverse housing, office, and retail programs will support each other to cultivate a lasting and integral urban community at City Point.Uh, sure. Because vegetables are totally the same as buildings. Either way, phase two is supposed to be complete by 2015.
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