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Former Slope Warehouse Reveals New Wood Screen Facade

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In the sea of brownstones and brick townhouses that is Park Slope, buildings tend to blend in rather than stick out. Not so for the newly renovated 47 Park Place. What was once a two-story structure with a poorly constructed glazed brick front has been remade as a chic, modern home with a slatted Siberian Larch wood facade. Brownstoner talked to the designer, Stuart Basseches of Biproduct Architecture, who noted that the point of the facelift "was not to stick out, but rather to respond to the existing conditions of the house while respecting the scale and vernacular of the street." The wood screen covers a waterproof brick layer (the old facade leaked) and shades the house from the sun, helping to keep it cool in the summer.

The oddly-shaped house was originally two one-story warehouses that were combined. Before the latest makeover, the house had no real historical remnants from the original structures, aside from the general shape. In order to retain what historical pieces they could, the new facade was constructed in the same place, with the same setbacks and window positions. Continuing work on the property will refresh the sad-looking front yard, and the whole project should be complete by the end of the month.

Opinions on the new facade?
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