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Cornerspotter: The Windsor Arcade on Fifth Avenue

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While the average New Yorker may not know where or what the Windsor Arcade was, Curbed commenters had no trouble identifying it as this week's Cornerspotter building. The ornate Beaux Arts arcade was built by Elbridge T. Gerry as a tax-payer?a temporary building that's meant to cover the expense of the property?in 1901, replacing the burnt down Windsor Hotel. New Yorkers loved the building. The Times described it as "well-designed and handsome" and "worthy of the distinguished spot it occupies" on Fifth Avenue, and the New York Tribune said it was "the most beautiful 'tax-payer' ever erected in this city." But after 10 short years, it was torn down and replaced by offices and a hotel. Eventually, those buildings were also torn down, and today, the corner is occupied by a bland glass box with a Build-A-Bear store on the ground floor.
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