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West 15th Street Condo Gets a Name and Teaser Pricing

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The condo project under construction at 35 West 15th Street was originally scheduled to come to market in September, a thing that did not happen. There are signs of progress at the long-controversial site, however. New York YIMBY has a few construction shots showing that a significant chunk of the Xavier High School building has gone up, with the condo topper to follow, for a final height of 299 feet. Those condos are now called 35XV, according to the banner and teaser website, and while we're still in the dark as to the on-sale date, the site offers a few other building hints. The condos will be 1BRs through 4BRs, and it looks like prices will begin at $1.5 million for 1BRs, $2.5 million for 2BRs, $4.6 million for 3BRs, and $5.65 million for 4BRs. See ya when we see ya, 35 XV!
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