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Sackett Union Is 70% Sold; ZoneA Woes at 160 Front Street

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CARROLL GARDENS?Sackett Union, the still under-construction development at 291 Union Street, is more than 70 percent sold. The project has 11 townhouses and 32 condos, "where no two floor plans are alike." Nine units remain on the market, ranging from a two-bedroom asking $1.515M to a 2,210-square-foot four-bedroom listed for $2.15M. All have separate storage space, and the three- and four-bedrooms come with underground parking. According to StreetEasy, the homes will be ready for occupancy by the end of the summer. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

SEAPORT?The updates from Zone A buildings have largely stopped hitting our inbox, but that doesn't mean that all the problems are solved. Residents of 160 Front Street sent along an update today, noting more poor communication from Samson Management. Like? Management sent an email to tenants today, January 9, notifying them that the building has been habitable since January 3. A little late, no? And the only reason the email was sent today was because the building is experiencing more problems.

160 Front Street Residents,

Last night Chase bank blew a fuse in the basement while working which shut off some of the basement pumps. This led to water flowing into the ejector pit, which is the water you heard in the elevator shaft. The water was not falling down the shaft, and never came close to filling the ejector pit. There was also no water coming out of the elevator shaft basement doors; the water in the basement was trace amounts coming from the transportation of the water from the pits, to the pumps, and then out of the building. Due to the temporary boiler producing steam, there will sometimes be small amounts of water in the basement going into the drains.

In preparation for the new boiler, starting Friday the old boiler will be dismantled and removed from the building. Torch-cutting of the boiler may result in burning smells coming from the basement; do not be alarmed, and if the smell becomes significant please notify [the super].

On Thursday, January 3rd we received acknowledgement from the city that the building has been deemed "green" and the yellow sticker will be removed. Rent bills are being sent out, and will be received shortly. Rent will be prorated to begin on January 3rd.[CurbedWire Inbox]