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Walker Tower Facade Revealed; BRIC House Opens October 3

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CHELSEA?The scaffolding came down at West 18th Street's Walker Tower, revealing the newly restored facade of the Art Deco beauty. Cetra/Ruddy headed the renovation, recreating the elaborate 1929 facade with new brick in a mix of nine different shapes and five different colors, plus 14,000 pieces of bronze stainless steel and aluminum panels. Michael Stern of JDS Development, who developed the building with Property Markets Group, told the Real Deal, "We wanted to do our additions in ways that were seamless and looked like they always intended to be there." Based on an early drawing from Ralph Walker's firm, four stainless steel spires were added to the top of the building. Sales-wise, the condo conversion is hoping to set a new Downtown record with a $55M penthouse. [The Real Deal; previously]

FORT GREENE?The BAM Cultural District welcomes a new-old addition this Thursday, October 3 with the opening of BRIC House. Located inside the former Strand Theatre, the $35M multimedia arts space, designed by Leeser Architecture, transformed the 1919 building into a 40,000-square-foot venue with an art gallery, flexible performance space, television studio, artists work space, and broadcasting center. There's also a new permanent home for UrbanGlass, offices for BRIC, and 20,000-square-feet of public space. To mark the opening, the organization is hosting three days of free community activities. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

Walker Tower

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